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Jeffrey S Nesbit + Kuhn Park Lecture at Konkuk University

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Tuesday 11 June 2013 at 5:00pm
Konkuk University
Graduate School of Architecture
Seoul, South Korea

Set in the north-east Asian mega-city of Seoul, South Korea, the studio is initiated to generate sensitive questions concerning current large-scale development strategies of this enormous megalopolis.

The goal of the studio is to investigate how architecture influences the city by Seoul-specific identities. By traveling to and working within Seoul, students are fully engaged and establish a sensible understanding of diverse urban patterns while simultaneously responding architecturally within particular cultural, social, political, and religious pressures. The inquiry testing begins with a series of analytical studies of composition, form, sectional and spatial qualities, and use in diverse conditions. The design of public, in-between, urban space allows students to employ one-and-half week field measure findings which create the capacity for a much more responsive and responsible design approach. The interstitial public space and connectivity between ‘building’ and ‘city’ become critical. As we intensify our comprehension of Seoul as a complex organism, the three-and-half week proposition defines a formative stratum allowing itself to merge into the already-established continuously evolving strata.