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Land Arts 2013 Itinerary

From TTU College of Architecture

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Journey 1

Date Site Notes Guests
26-AugMondayTTU classes begin
27-AugTuesdaytravel > Twin Buttes, NMSeminar 1
28-AugWednesdayTwin Buttesorientation, afternoon trip to White Sands
29-AugThursdaytravel > Chaco Canyon, NMvisit Grants Mining Museum en route / Seminar 2
30-AugFridayChaco Canyonvisit Chaco Canyon
31-AugSaturdaytravel > Muley Point, UT
1-SepSundayMuley PointSeminar 3
2-SepMondayMuley Pointvisit Moon House
3-SepTuesdayMuley Point
4-SepWednesdaytravel > Goblin Valley, UTSeminar 4
5-SepThursdayGoblin Valley
6-SepFridaytravel > Spiral Jetty, UTSCREEN Spiral Jetty
7-SepSaturdayRozel Pointvisit Spiral Jetty / Seminar 5
8-SepSundaytravel > Wendover, UTvisit Sun Tunnels en route
9-SepMondayCLUI WendoverCLUI Intro TourMatt Coolidge, Steve Badgett
10-SepTuesdayCLUI WendoverMatt Coolidge, Steve Badgett
11-SepWednesdayCLUI WendoverSteve Badgett
12-SepThursdayCLUI WendoverSteve Badgett & Deborah Stratman
13-SepFridayCLUI WendoverSteve Badgett & Deborah Stratman
14-SepSaturdayCLUI WendoverSteve Badgett & Deborah Stratman
15-SepSundaytravel > Double Negative, NVvisit Rachel, NV en route
16-SepMondayMorman Mesavisit Double Negative - Seminar 6
17-SepTuesdayMorman Mesavisit Las Vegas Piece
18-SepWednesdaytravel > Grand Canyon, AZ
19-SepThursdayFire Point / Point Sublimevisit Point Sublime
20-SepFridayFire Point / Point Sublime
21-SepSaturdaytravel > Cebolla Canyon, NM
22-SepSundayCebolla Canyontour Jackpile Mine - Laguna Pueblo - Seminar 7Curtis Francisco
23-SepMondaytravel > Lubbock, TXvisit Bosque Redondo en route


Journey 2

Date Site Notes Guests
2-OctWednesdaytravel > El Cosmico, TXSeminar 8
3-OctThursdayMarfatour Chinati Foundation
4-OctFridayMarfatour Judd FoundationAmy Hauft
5-OctSaturdayMarfaAmy Hauft
6-OctSundayMarfaAmy Hauft
7-OctMondaytravel > Hueco Tanks], TXvisit Playboy & Prada Marfa en route
8-OctTuesdayHueco TanksSeminar 9
9-OctWednesdaytravel > Cabinetlandia, NM
13-OctSundaytravel > Plains of San Agustin, NMSeminar 10
14-OctMondayPlains of San Agustin
15-OctTuesdayPlains of San Agustin
16-OctWednesdayPlains of San Agustinvisit The Lightning Field & VLAAnn Reynolds
17-OctThursdayPlains of San Agustinvisit The Lightning Field & VLAAnn Reynolds
18-OctFridayPlains of San AgustinSeminar 11Ann Reynolds
19-OctSaturdaytravel > Mimbres River, NMvisit Gila Hot Springs en route
20-OctSundayMimbres River
21-OctMondayMimbres RiverSeminar 12
22-OctTuesdayMimbres River
23-OctWednesdaytravel > Chiricahua Mountains, AZ
24-OctThursdayChiricahua Mountains
25-OctFridayChiricahua MountainsSeminar 13
26-OctSaturdayChiricahua Mountains
27-OctSundaytravel > Twin Buttes
28-OctMondayTwin ButtesSeminar 14
29-OctTuesdaytravel > Lubbock, TX

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