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Nicaragua Studio Abroad - Summer 2010

The Nicaragua International Studies Program is based in Granada, located on the Big Lake. Granada was founded in 1524 by the Spanish. It is one of the few cities in the Americas that retains the original structure of the Spainish plan and character. The program is hosted by the Minister of Tourism, who holds an architecture degree from the University of Oklahoma and operates a firm in Managua. The urban design project for summer 2010 is an area of Granada between the plaza and historic zone and Lake Nicaragua connected via Calle de Casada. Associated trips include architectural tours in Costa Rica lead by Arq. Alvaro Rojas. Managua, Nicaragua; Leon, Nicaragua;and a ecotour of Little Corn Island.

The program is led by Professors Glenn E. Hill and David A. Driskill. David Driskill is an urbanist and LEED AP certified. Glenn Hill has expertise in 3d computer graphics and energy-responsive architecture.

Programs Dates: 7 weeks Start: May 16, 2010 End: July 3, 2010.

Facilities. Studio and student housing is based at Hotel con Corazon. It is a new facility which opened November 2008. The sleeping rooms are air conditioned and the studio is held in a covered but open balcony area. Granada is a compact city and very walkable. Taxis cost $.50 - $1.00. Private buses are used for side trips.

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