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Rima Ajlouni

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Rima Al Ajlouni, PhD

former Associate Professor

Previous Courses

Spring 2012:

ARCH 4341: Computer Programming for Architects: C++, OpenGl, GLUT

ARCH 5501: Advanced Architectural Design Studio


Prague Study Abroad_ Summer 2012

Fall_11: ARCH 2501: , ARCH 6000

Spring11:ARCH 2502: Design By Story

Spring11:ARCH 4341: Introduction to Computer Programming: Generative Design Thinking

In 2010, Dr. Rima Al Ajlouni served as the director of the Historic Preservation Program at the Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage as part of the Iraq Cultural Heritage Project(ICHP)

Fall09: ARCH 2501: BIOMIMICRY studio

Fall09:ARCH 3341: PARAMETRIC modeling

Spring09: RCH 2502: Design By Story

Spring09:ARCH 4341: Introduction to OpenGl Graphics

fall08: ARCH 5691 Evidence-Based Health Care Design