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Seville 2012

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Seville, Spain Description:

This study abroad program is the perfect combination of an in-depth studio in the host city of Seville combined with a 12 day travel excursion. Not only will the student gain the experience and relevance of design in a cultural urban context, but the student will also have the advantage of exploring remarkable works of architecture (both historic and contemporary) in Seville, Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Bilbao and other Spanish cities. The program will be led by Professor Glenn Hill and Professor Joseph Aranha.

Seville has been an important European city for more of 2000 years. It was the governmental seat of the king and queen of the Spanish Empire. From here Isabel and Ferdinand sent Christopher Columbus out to discover a western route to China. The city still displays a large well-preserved Historical Centre with clear influences from the Arabic Culture. Seville is a City full of Culture, the students will experience this through food, traditions, arts, architecture and music.

Students will have the choice to live in a residencia (boarding house) with fellow classmates or with host families. The program will start on 23 May 2012 in Barcelona,Spain. We will spend 9 days visit the cities Barcelona, Bilboa, Salamanca and Seville, studying world class contemporary and classic architecture. We will then begin 6 weeks of intensive studio work in Seville, Spain. We will finish the program with a 5 day trip to Granada and Madrid. We will visit the Architecture of Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel, Santiago Calatrava, Richard Rogers, Antonio Gaudi, and many other internationally known architects.

Assignment 1: Townscapes


Image of the City

Assignment 2: Plazas