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Urban and Community Design Certificate course list

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14 Credit Hours Specialization Certificate (UCD) includes the following course work:

ARCH 5501 – Advanced Architectural Design (5)

Must be an Urban Design Studio or comply with the urban design requirements. Please contact director for approval.

Topical studio that explores design, theoretical and/or technological issues that affect current architectural thought and practice. This studio will focus on the urban environment as a critical component of the studio inquiries and methodologies.

ARCH 5384 – Community Design and Development Resources (3)

Online course addressing the nature of urban and community design, investigating the development resources available to these designers, and understanding the relationship of urban and community design to the field of architecture and other related fields.

Approved Architecture Elective (3)

Approved architecture elective courses offered:

ARCH 5382 Urban Theory (Fall)
An extensive writing course exploring a comprehensive investigation from selected conceptual and philosophical topics based upon the critical relationship between culture and the urban environment.


ARCH 5383 Infrastructure in the Urban Environment (Spring)
This course offers an overview of systematic, urban infrastructure, by using Houston and Lubbock as initial case study regions. Through a series of exercises, including journaling and written papers, presentations and discussions, the class will consider the functions of infrastructure in the city to further develop a clear understanding of infrastructure as it relates to the development of built form in the urban environment.

Approved General Elective (3)

Approved general elective courses offerings:

Approved electives here