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List items and issues on this page and use the discussion page for commentary about them.

Feature Requests

List items for consideration here.


Develop observations about the site and how it is developing here.

Events Page

The events calendar is too cluttered. We need more space for descriptions so that they do not roll to the next page. I think the different calendars, at least for the time being, is too complicated and not intuitive to understand what goes where. That should be gotten rid of. The Red, white, and Grey out over TODAY, YESTERDAY, and FUTURE is good but couldn't we put the dates under where it says today, tomorrow and future? People will get it intuitively and it will compress information. There's just too many columns and types of info on that page that are going to be either redundant or ignored so it will not be as effective. Brian

  • Perhaps the words FUTURE and HISTORY need to be links to pages that will show all Events Future and Events History. . . .? It would be nice to have a way to see further out (and back) in time without overly cluttering the Special:Events page.